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Hairology The Salon is dedicated to giving you the treatment you deserve. Our professional and courteous staff is caring and sensitive to all hair care needs.

Hairology the Salon is a full service hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, weaving and braiding. We do traditional braided styles and braided weaves in private rooms.

We take pride in cutting, styling, pressing, and curling natural hair and extension hair, and do so with great care. Our colorists are experienced and thorough. Our relaxers are done gently and effectively. We only use only top of the line products.

A consultation is required before we will schedule an appointment or any braid, weave, or chemical application.

Zelda Smith

Zelda Smith


I knew I wanted to be a hair stylist at a very early age.  And as a teenager I experimented with different hair lengths and colors.  It’s been a blessing having the opportunity to own my own salon, but also to know my clients love the services that I provide.

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