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Here are some of our most popular services.

Wash and Style
Includes Shampoo, basic conditioner and style


Weaves and Extensions
Full Head Weave

Premier Stylist

$800 & up

Back & Sides$515 & up
Top Weave$485 & up 
Full Head Tightening$300 & up 
Back & Sides Tightening$225 & up 
Top Weave Tightening$145 & up 
* Tightenings after 10 weeks are double the listed price
Row(s)$75 & up
For any ROW in front of ear-Long$100 ea & up
For any circular ROW covering the whole head$150 ea & up 
Weave Takeout
Full Weave Take Out Up to 4 months$70
Full Weave Take Out After 4 months$135
Full Weave Take Out & Relaxer$146
Back & Sides/Top Weave Take Out$60
Back & Sides/Top Weave Take Out & Relaxer$132
Color Services
Temporary Color$36
Semi-Permanent Color$40
Demi-Permanent Color/Glaze or Cellophanes$44
Permanent Color single process$76
Full Head Highlights$172 & up
Half Head Highlights$88 & up
Top Only Highlights$60 & up
Corrective Color$150 & up
Eyebrow Color$16 & up
Basic Trim (1 inch or less)$30
Barber Cut$45
Natural Hair Trim (with blowdry)$48 & up
Natural Hair Cut (with blowdry)$60 & up
Style Cut$65
Relaxed Hair Service
Full Services(Includes Shampoo, Basic Conditioner & Style)

Shampoo, Blow, Curl/Flat Iron/Roller Set$60 & up
Basic Trim$88 & up
Style Cut$120
Temporary Color$94
Semi-Permanent Color$98
Demi-Permanent Color$102
Ponytail & UpDos$85 & up
Relaxers Includes Basic Conditioner and Style
Relaxer Touch-up$100 & up
Hairline Touch-up (for short hairstyles)$70 & up
Bridal Packages
We offer bridal packages because we want to be a part of your special day.  Please call for pricing.
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